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Program description:

"Kind Santa Claus" is a charity program founded in 2008 and implemented by "Proportional Development" Community Development NGO. It is aimed at vulnerable groups living in the Republic of Armenia, especially children with disabilities, orphans, living in border villages in difficult social conditions.

This year school-age residents of Shurnukh, Vorotan, Bardzravan and Nor Arajadzor settlements of Syunik region will take part in the program. The latter can write their letters online directly on the program website.

Taking into account the difficult social situation, the program will continue after the New Year Eve, we will try to reach out to the children of our heroes throughout the year and solve as many problems as possible.


The following procedure is used to write letters:

  1. Only school-age residents of Shurnukh, Vorotan, Bardzravan and Nor Arajadzor settlements of Syunik region may take part in the program.
  2. The participants fill in the necessary information in the "Letter to Santa Claus" field of the website and write their letters.
  3. Will not be accepted and will not participate in the program the letters that contain:
  • desire to get gadgets of a specific model and expensive equipment,
  • obscene and incomprehensible expressions,
  • obviously do not correspond to the goals of the program.
  1. The letters can be edited by the program coordinator, if necessary, the latter can contact for clarification.
  2. You can follow the course of the letters on www.santaclaus.am website. Letters that do not correspond to the goals of the program will not be published.
  3. The program does not guarantee the fulfillment of wishes.

You can become Santa Claus on the program website, as follows:

Upon entering the site, the visitor selects letters of one or more children by clicking the "Become a Santa Claus" button.

Clicking the button opens a window for filling in the data, by filling in the forms of which and the visitor submits an application to make a donation to the relevant correspondent.

Program staff contacts the applicant, receives the appropriate gifts, and hands them in the appropriate receipt.

Gifts are passed on to the recipient children through the project staff. Children's thank-you notes and donor details (with the donor's consent) are published on the page created for each donor on the website, where the donor's picture, the relevant letter and the photo and the video taken at the time of giving the gifts are posted.

The purpose of this section of the program is to establish a lasting "stable connection" between children in need and those who are willing to support those children. The program works on the principle that each donor has the opportunity to make sure that their gift is delivered to the recipient, if desired, to continue to sponsor the child in the future.


Background information about the program and organization

For the first time the program was held for the new year of 2008 in Sisian city, Syunik region, and surrounding rural communities. Basically, it targeted socially disadvantaged children and orphans, as well as thousands of authors of letters. Santa Clauses and Snow Maidens of the Program visited about 2,500 children and presented gifts. The initiative was supported by many individuals, including foreign philanthropist Hans Haug from Germany, the Armenian Diaspora of the USA, students, military and others.

In order to further work more efficiently and in an organized manner, the members established the «Proportional Development» Community Development NGO. Organization received state registration on 27.08.2009 (certificate 03 A 085978, Tax code 08910023) by Central Authority Agency State Register of Legal Entities of the Republic of Armenia Ministry of Justice.

Phase «2009-2010» of the Program was implemented in Vayots Dzor region. In all the cities of the region mailboxes were installed, through which children sent their letters to «Santa Claus». Santa Claus camp was prepared, where contests, performances were held, and about 3,000 children received gifts from Santa Claus. The General sponsor of the Phase «2009-2010» was «Orange Armenia» CJSC. The program was also sponsored by «Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Armenia» CJSC, UNICEF, and many individual philanthropists.

Phase «2010-2011» program was implemented in Vayots Dzor and Syunik Regions. Within the framework of the program more than 7,000 socially disadvantaged children, orphans, disabled children and authors of letters received gifts. Home visits were organized for children with disabilities. In Jermuk, а Santa Claus camp was organized, where Santa Claus arrives in a horsed carriage. General sponsor of this Phase was again the «Orange Armenia» company. Among the sponsors were «Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Armenia» CJSC, UNICEF, and numerous individual philanthropists.

Phase «2011-2012» of the program has been implemented in a number of border villages of Armenia, resulting in donations made to about 2500 children. A competition «The Best Letter to Santa Claus» was held and the Santa Claus visited 20 authors, recognized the best, and gave them presents. Among the sponsors were «Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Armenia» CJSC, UNICEF, «Trust Group» LLC, and numerous organizations and individual philanthropists.

Phases «2012-2013» «2013-2014», «2014-2015», «2015-2016» program was again carried out in the border villages of Armenia, resulting in a donation made to about 2,000 children, and a competition «The Best Letter» was held, and in the framework of this competition Santa Claus visited the 20 authors recognized the best, and gave them presents they wished. Among the sponsors were «Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Armenia» CJSC, UNICEF, «Trust Group» LLC, and numerous other organizations individual philanthropists.

Our slogan is։

Let’s not break the hearts of children and not leave their cherished desires without fulfillment today, it may cost much to the society tomorrow.